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Brent: Knee Pain Gone

I had pain in both knees due to meniscus tears and surgery.  The problem started 7 years ago on the right knee and 4 years ago on the left knee.  I tried some cortisone shots, but they only helped for about 4 months.  I couldn’t take walks or sit bent for very long.  It affected my driving and motorcycling.  It was also hard to kneel to do things.


Some friends of ours were doing the ozone treatment elsewhere.  I started looking and found that The Health Office Co. did it.  I made an appointment and within a month my knees started feeling better.  Now, after about 8 months, I don’t have any pain.  This is the best I’ve felt in the last year.


The people at Health Office Co. are great people to work with and very concerned about my health. 

- Brent Wold

Anonymous: 25 Symptoms cured

I used to have severe fatigue, arthritic pain in my neck, shoulders, and hip. I had to walk with a cane for several years.  I had tendonitis type pain in both forearms. I had periods of insomnia at night.  I had much heart trouble with irregular beats, a fast heartbeat, and atrial fibrillation.  I had to have a pacemaker installed.  I had muscle twitching and wandering pain in my chest and abdomen.  I also had burning sensations in my chest, cheek, and elsewhere.  I had much trouble with my daily living activities.  I needed frequent rest periods and had anxiety.

I had these problems for 4-5 years or longer.  The clinic I went to would not treat my problems.  The doctors told me I was obsessing  about my symptoms.  I was desperate and thought I was slowly dying.  I saw an advertisement in the paper [for The Health Office] and decided to come to your clinic.


I started to feel improvement after 1.5-2 months.  Today I feel much better. Twenty-five symptoms are gone. I do not have to walk with a cane. I have intermittent exacerbations of some major symptoms and I still feel I need occasional treatment.  

My health insurance would not cover the treatments, but I find it was worth the money.  They offer very good professional services.

Michelle: Cancer Free

I had a painful neuropathy of the feet, hands, and skin, for about 2 years, due to my type of cancer.  I tried pain medications. They helped me, especially gabapentin, but I didn’t like being on so much medicine and being dependent on taking it every 8 hours to control the pain. I couldn’t do as many “active” things as I would like. I dreaded walking a lot or holding things in my hands in case my pain meds wore off.  


I read a letter to the editor in the Leader Telegram about a woman who had a chronic neuropathy. She had been helped a lot by Dr. Sue and ozone therapy. After I saw Dr. Sue and started treatment, I had a slow improvement within a few weeks. After about 6 months, I was free of all pain meds. It may have gone faster if I had done the ozone treatment more often or used the IV method.


As of now, I am off all prescription pain meds. I have a little pain in my feet, but not enough to take any pills. I try to keep up with an ozone enema once a week. Everyone at Health Office Company is very nice and caring.

Ron: Pain & Fatigue Free

I used to have foggy thinking, fatigue – constant unrelenting fatigue, body aches, lack of interest in hobbies and things I normally would do. The last 5 years have been a real struggle.


I was seen by my primary doctor, an allergy specialist, a nutrition specialist and a chiropractor- each several times. The chiropractor was pretty sure Lyme Disease was a component. The allergy specialist identified high level of candida (yeast) infection. I had a colonoscopy done to see if there were any specific lesions in the intestines causing the problem. I was tried on multiple different kinds of drugs – everything from antibiotics, antidepressants, headache medicines, and many things in between with no improvement. The only medicine that helped at all was the yeast medicine. But as soon as a treatment time was completed with the yeast medicine, the yeast returned all over again.

The problem affected my whole life. I stopped doing pretty much everything. Things I tried to do were so difficult, and things I was passionate about became impossible to do at all. I just wanted to sleep and had trouble staying awake – even at work. I slept all the hours I possibly could and it never helped.

I chose to come to the Health Office Co. because of a hidden message my private MD gave me. He mentioned to me that he’d heard of the clinic, but he didn’t believe they could help. I was pretty upset at first by his response, but as I thought more about it, I wondered if it wasn’t a hidden message for me. So we called and made an appointment. Within 2 weeks I was feeling better. The changes were subtle at first – my fatigue was better for short times after treatment; my digestion was also a little improved. As I look back over the 3 months I was unable to work, overall my general well-being slowly improved. My cravings settled. I had motivation to slowly increase what I was involved in again. I especially noticed improvement when zinc and copper were added to my nutritional supports – seems like I had leaps and bounds of improvement when those were added to the ozone therapy and chiropractic care. 

I worked yesterday for the first time and had pretty good energy after the long day. People at work commented on how much better I looked. I was able to do tasks around the home and took a 2 mile walk after dinner. I felt good afterwards too – not at all like in the past when I would have had to take a nap, let alone do those things to begin with. It feels like this is the first time in 4-5 years that I’ve been able to see the light at the end of the tunnel!

I traveled 30 miles one way twice a week for my therapies. 

Anonymous: Lyme Disease Recovery

My original complaint was Lyme Disease, extreme fatigue, weakness, muscle pain, spasm, migrating chest pain, burning in chest, arthritis in shoulder and hip, mild headache, tendonitis, urinary tract infections, neuropathy in feet, twitching and cramps in feet and legs, arthritis in fingers.


Before coming to Dr. Sue Peck at The Health Office Co, I had regular medical treatment at a local clinic; internist, cardiology and infectious disease specialists. The antibiotic treatment would help for a while but the symptoms would return.


My symptoms made almost all my activities difficult because of pain and fatigue.  I had to walk with a cane.


I chose Dr. Sue Peck at The Health Office Co. because of the Lyme Disease health talk she held.  They seemed to understand the chronic nature of the disease process.  They were genuine in their willingness to treat me.


I started feeling improvement in 3-4 weeks.


For the first time in about ten years I do not have to walk with a cane!  More energy.  Many of my symptoms have disappeared.


Staff was very professional and concerned.  They have most definitely helped.


I travel 28 miles to the clinic.

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