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Educational Background:

PhD in Nursing, University Minnesota – Twin Cities, 1996 

  • Dissertation Therapeutic Touch for Arthritis Pain

  • Minor in Gerontology; 

  • Nurse Practitioner certification

MS in Nursing, Texas Woman’s University, Denton, TX 1979

  • Focus in trauma nursing; guided imagery training

  • Clinical Nurse Specialist certification


BSN University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire, 1975

Dr. Sue's Philosophy

When you listen to the client's story and help them ask the right questions, the cause of the illness can be identified.

Look at the “whole person” and the effects and implications of the illness

Heal the gut first: nutrition is key; leaky gut/dysbiosis, food sensitivities, thyroid function; avoid gluten, sugar, artificial sweeteners, dairy, any foods sensitive to

First do no harm

Look at the “full evidence base” not just the medical model sanctioned view 

Treat the cause, not just the symptoms. Integrate the therapies, including the mainstream medical components when needed, for the best care.


Teach by example: Walk the talk, don’t just talk the walk

We’ll review your health to see what treatment is a good option for you. You need to commit to good nutrition, self-care, and exercise appropriate to your situation.

Professional Experience:

  • Staff nurse - general ICU

  • Clinical Nurse Specialist - surgical/trauma ICU, neurosciences – floor and ICU

  • Head Nurse – ICU and post-anesthesia recovery room

  • Nurse Practitioner – home care, general practice, integrative care

  • Developed own private independent NP practice in home care and integrative care beginning in 1992

  • Professor - University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire

  • Professional public speaking on gerontology and integrative care

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