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The Health Office Co. Philosophy

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CUTV Radio Show 9/24/18

The Health Office Philosophy: Functional Medicine

     Identifying and treating the root cause of illnesses, not just the symptoms.

In our clinic, we don't  just look at the symptoms you are experiencing and prescribe a drug to control those symptoms or refer you for surgery. Instead, a exhaustive search is undertaken to find the underlying imbalances that might be causing your symptoms. Being able to identify the root cause(s) of disorders is vitally important to improving health.

Underlying causes of chronic health problems may include immune dysfunction, hormonal imbalances, inflammation, chemical exposure, digestive problems, or heavy metal toxicity, among others. By pinpointing the underlying cause, we have a far better chance of solving your health problems successfully. Through proper diagnostic testing and treatment options,  you can get your body back on track.

While drugs or surgery are necessary for acute health problems like heart attacks, and are sometimes needed, that approach isn’t as successful for managing chronic illness and life-altering health problems. Functional Medicine can identify and correct the underlying problem, making having to “live with it” far more easy to do.

The Health Office Co. gets to the root of the problem

Multiple lab tests are available in our office to help us determine the cause of your illness:

  • Nutritional evaluation

  • food sensitivity tests

  • chemical sensitivity tests

  • stool analysis

  • heavy metal testing

  • hormonal testing

  • immunoglobulin production

  • full thyroid panel  

Treatment Plans

Based on the results gathered from the tests done and an in-depth personal interview, we'll set up a treatment plan to help you get better.

This plan may include one or a combination of the services we offer:

  • ozone therapy

  • detoxification programs

  • nutritional therapy

  • therapeutic diets

  • energy work / healing touch

  • guided imagery

  • recommendations for lifestyle changes to restore your body and improve imbalances so that your entire body functions more optimally.

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