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Misty Sunbeams

THE Bio-Mat™ System CAN HELP WITH:

Improved Circulation & Cardiovascular Functioning

Boosting the Immune System

Pain Relief 

Weight Management 

Joint Flexibility 

Stress Reduction 

Energy Levels 

Brighter Skin 


Deep Relaxation + Restful Sleep 


Harvesting the power of mother nature to relieve pain and restore balance to the body.

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How Bio-Mat Works

Bio-Mat™ system helps the biological function of our cells to increase circulation, relieve neuralgia, pain, and help eliminate toxins and carbon dioxide from our blood. The heat and energy flowing through amethyst and tourmaline stones create a far infrared (FIR) wave that may speed up cellular metabolic processes, trigger enzyme activity, and help regenerate damaged cell tissue. FIR's may help regulate hormones and accelerate immune functioning and can be especially beneficial for those who cannot exercise outdoors.

As the Infrared energy penetrates, it safely and gently heats the tissues and blood supply within an affected area. The increased temperature may help your body maintain a condition of homeostasis – a balanced environment or state of equilibrium. Your blood vessels actually increase in diameter, a change called vasodilation, and allow oxygen and nutrients in the bloodstream to pass through the vessel walls more easily. This may help regenerate damaged cells and tissues. In the same way, toxic substances in the damaged cells may also pass back into the bloodstream more easily to be filtered and eliminated by the kidneys, lungs and digestive tract.  As the damaged or inflamed area receives this increased supply of blood, the cells may be better nourished and cleansed and you may experience actual reduction in pain.

Bio-Mat™ system is a state-of-the-art FDA-approved medical device that delivers therapeutic Far Infrared Rays.

More information on the Bio-Mat™ system can be found at and


To order, reference the link from my webpage. 

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